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(Hopefully not) First the worst!

Hello My Lovelies and welcome to my first blog!

I’m writing this on the train after having a pretty stressful morning – for once in my life I got up extra early so I could take my time getting ready. After a lovely hot shower and blow drying my hair (which I love to do, as if not it takes on the appearance of a limp rag) it was all going so well. Then I managed to flawlessly apply my base makeup, which rarely happens!

Of course this good fortune couldn’t last. I bought a new eye shadow pallet from B. yesterday, but the colours do not suit me at all, and are far too dark for my (very pale) complexion. This coupled with liquid lipstick that I have somehow managed to smear all round my mouth, with no time to fix the mess, has meant that I have left the house as a goth-clown, which isn’t really the look I was going for. Ho hum.

Anyways, enough about the disaster that is my face! I know this should probably go in my ‘about me’ section but I thought I’d start off by telling you a little more about myself. I’m 22, have a lovely boyfriend called Harry (25). and a cat called Smeg (yes, I am a Red Dwarf fan). I have an unhealthy obsession with Nick from New Girl. I am always on a diet… starting ‘tomorrow’, and as well all know, tomorrow never comes. I am prepared to push every little kid out of the way to see the Beauty and the Beast live action remake next year. I am starting a book, of which I am just shy of 100 words…

You might say I fail at life, but I enjoy it, so I suppose that’s okay! I guess I’ve rambled on enough for now, so Ciao! And talk to you laters!


Rose x


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